A n’ R Music Services is a boutique sync licensing company.  We specialize in working with unsigned artists and presenting their music to Music Supervisors in TV and film.  The A n’ R advantage is that our artists almost always own 100% of the publishing and the masters, making licensing less expensive and fast.

We offer non-exclusive deals with artists so they have the flexibility to do what is best for their careers. There is no cost to artists to submit music. This is a no-brainer opportunity to get their music out in new ways.

Learn more about music placement opportunities:  Contact us here.


A n’ R Music Services is also offering a wide variety of management services for unsigned artists.  We offer four options ranging from a simple release plan to complete management duties for select artists/bands.

For artists seeking a detailed 3-month release plan for their single, EP, or album.
For artists seeking a detailed release plan as well as help carrying out tasks for a successful release, including distribution upload, bio, press release, and a local PR pitch.
For artists needing complete campaign support: option 2 plus enhanced PR, consulting and marketing (FOR SELECT ARTISTS ONLY).
Choose from our list of a la carte management options (call for a pricing list).

We can also provide a referral list including all services needed by artists, including photographers, videographers, streaming companies, publicists, biography writers, graphic designers, etc.

Contact us for a management consultation:  Email A n’ R.


Lastly, A n’ R Music Services has partnered with a Spotify Playlist Promotions company and are now offering guaranteed streams from real listeners at price ranges to fit your budget.  We offer five options, and if we don’t deliver on streams, you will be refunded the difference (minus service fees).

5,000 streams
10,000 streams
15,000 streams
20,000 streams
50,000 streams

This new service is for artists releasing a single.  The song must be of the highest quality recording and fall into a generic genre such as rock, pop, hip-hop, country, etc. (for now, this service is unavailable for instrumental tracks).

Contact us for a playlist promotions consultation:   Email A n’ R.